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EnviroCool - Another Innovative Solution By Hydropac

Introducing EnviroCool®!

EnviroCool® is a paper-based panel that can be assembled in seconds. It’s a fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable packaging solution designed to meet the growing needs for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. We challenge you to find temperature-controlled packaging solutions that tick this many boxes combined with the same level of structural strength that EnviroCool® offers. Through extensive in-house testing, we’ve concluded that the EnviroCool® panels perform like an unventilated air gap.

VIEW HERE: https://hydropac.co.uk/product/envirocool/

• Biodegradable Packaging– Created from natural plant-based FSC paper.
• Compostable Packaging – An all-natural plant-based product.
• Recyclable Packaging for Food– 100% recyclable by all local council collections.
• Vegan Kind \u0026 Organic Packaging – No animal product or derivative used at all.

Hydropac AWS 2500

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